Obligatory That

Yo; sup?

Social convention dictates that some kind of introduction be made. Social convention also dictates outmoded pleasantries, avoidance of the discussion of intimate personal details, and quiet respect for deviations from the accepted norm (little dark places of humanity which should not be disclosed or acknowledged).

Screw that noise.

I will say somewhat of why I'm here, but I'll do it unapologetically. Having survived adolescence in America, and being just far enough on the other side of the ferocious flames to have both an extended perspective and the memories of my many trials, triumphs, and public embarrassments still relatively fresh, I'm here to lay some of it out for public inspection. Hopefully it will bring strength, comfort, and recognition with the all-too-familiar; maybe a little uncomfortable at times by getting too close to the mark, but useful even in that.

My writing can be a little dense at times. I spent a lot of elementary school escaping into books, and the habit stuck. I'm not showing off or trying to create distance - sometimes it just doesn't occur to me to say it in another, easier way. Oh well.